Kernels Extraordinary Popcorn Seasonings

With the profusion of ready-popped popcorn bags that line the shelves of most grocery stores these days, it’s hard to believe that not so long ago, popcorn was viewed as a snack with little flavour variety (outside of a confusing selection of butter levels.)

Circa 2000, BrandFusion spearheaded the entry of Kernels Extraordinary Popcorn seasonings onto Canadian grocery shelves, and in so doing, changed the popcorn category  (and movie nights with popcorn at home) forever!

These seasonings lead the charge for BrandFusion’s entry into all things popcorn.  From ready-to-eat, through to microwave and more, BrandFusion & Kernels have become the only "full category player" when it comes to popcorn.  Nonetheless, the seasonings remain our flagship product line.