Mr. Greek Souvlaki Program

Perhaps one of the more comprehensive “Resto-to-Retail" plays tooled by BrandFusion in its early years.  Like most success stories, timing & relationships each had a significant hand in the formulation of the strategy that made the Mr.Greek grocery program a wildly successful product line for an extended period of time.

Timing was ripe,  as the retailer  — the late, A&P/Dominion — that was targeted for exclusive partnership on this line, was in need of a clever strategy to beef-up its private label proposition in the face of strong offerings from its competitors.  To boot, the program was launched during the peak of the increased popularity of Mediterranean, and more specifically Greek cuisine & culture.

What started as a modest meat program (frozen lamb, chicken & pork souvlaki) grew to over 10 skus, across multiple categories at A&P and Dominion stores, province wide.